Twining Vines Sangha began in early 2006 with a group of longtime Dharma friends who wished to expand the opportunities for practice in the Westchester/Fairfield community.   With the support of our guiding teacher, Misha Shungen Merrill, we began to explore the ways in which the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi could be manifested in lay practice here in the New York suburbs. Our Old Greenwich location is easily accessible from Stamford, Darien, and Norwalk, and the Purchase zendo is located in central Westchester County, about five minutes from White Plains. 


Our group is led by Jane Genshin Shuman and Patty Jishin Pecoraro, two priests ordained in the San Francisco Zen Center tradition.  Our guiding teacher, Misha Shungen Merrill, is the teacher of Zen Heart Sangha in the San Francisco Bay area. We are members of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association and Jane is also a member of the American Zen Teachers' Association. We are a member sangha of Branching Streams, the group of affiliate sanghas of San Francisco Zen Center.


Zazen (silent, seated meditation) is the heart of our practice with emphasis on the meditation style of shikantaza (“just sitting”), a practice passed down from our ancestor, Eihei Dogen. We offer zazen and kinhin (walking meditation) as well as a short talk every Tuesday and Thursday evening. We also have a morning program every Saturday, which includes zazen, kinhin and service. On some Saturday mornings following the regular schedule there is a discussion group on a Buddhist text or theme.  There are several retreats of various lengths during the year and celebrations of major Buddhist holidays.  We also enjoy the practice of “sewing Buddha’s robe” together.  


Practice opportunities and teachings at Twining Vines Sangha are offered freely in the Buddhist spirit of dana, the practice of generosity. The support of our teachers and program is made possible by the voluntary donations of our community.