Sangha is the Buddhist word for the community of individuals who practice the Way of meditation and mindfulness.  Anyone with a desire to practice in this way is invited to become a member of our lay community by joining us regularly for Zen meditation and study.


Financial Support

Twining Vines does not require fees for any of the teachings or meditation programs. We support our program through the voluntary donations of the community in the tradition of dana, the Buddhist teaching of generosity. These contributions support our current practice and also maintain the practice for those who may wish to join us in the future.



In addition to financial support, there are many ways in which members contribute to the well-being of the sangha. Volunteer opportunities range from setting up and taking down the meditation hall on Thursday evenings to leading discussion groups, helping with retreats and organization, and serving in weekly zendo positions.


Board of Directors

Twining Vines has a volunteer Board made up of regular practitioners who wish to support the sangha by their service for a two-year term.  Each March, the community holds a meeting of the entire sangha at which a new Board gathers, the President, Treasurer and Teacher present reports, and ideas are exchanged.  Twining Vines has a set of by-laws including ethical guidelines.  Financial reports, board meeting minutes, and copy of the by-laws are available to any sangha member on request.